Helping Your Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce is often a stressful, upsetting, and even confusing time for a child. It may be difficult to explain to your child why you and your spouse have chosen to separate and dissolve your marriage. No matter what their age might be, it is not uncommon for a child to become angry at the idea of their parents splitting up. If you are worried or are struggling with how you will help your children cope with your divorce, our Charleston divorce lawyer has composed a list of ways that you can positively help your child through this challenging time in their life. It is possible to successfully navigate this unfamiliar situation with your family!

You can help your child through your divorce by:

  • Staying involved. It is important to stay involved with your child’s life. When handling large legalities like divorce, one can easily become distracted and put focus elsewhere. Staying invested and interested in your child’s activities, education, and social life can help them feel heard during this time.
  • Getting along. Do your best to not fight with your spouse. When it comes to matters pertaining to your child, try to find an agreement. Appearing that you and your spouse are united can help your child feel that the structure in his or her life has not shifted, despite the dissolution of your marriage.
  • Avoiding insults. No matter what bad feelings might be between you and your spouse, you should try not to make them look bad in front of your child. Keep the details of your divorce to yourself. Highlighting the differences between you and your spouse can make your child feel as if they are forced to pick sides.
  • Communicating directly. You should never use your child to relay messages to and from your spouse. Discuss matters and situations directly with your spouse. Involving your child and treating them as a messenger between the two of you can be damaging and cause your child unnecessary stress.
  • Being honest. When explaining your divorce to your child, do not lie to them. Without using details, tell them what is happening and why. Be honest and give them real answers to their questions and concerns. It may be hard, but open communication is key to helping your child through your divorce.

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