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If you and your spouse are unable to resolve your differences and are considering divorce, our Daniel Island divorce lawyer can help guide you through the process. Over the course of your relationship, your lives, finances and real property have likely intertwined; enlisting the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney can help you and your spouse achieve a clean break.

Our Qualifications

Our legal team at The Shaw Law Firm, LLC prides itself on our ability to provide quality legal advice through every step of the divorce process, from initial separation to final hearing for divorce. We can help with the following:

Just as a no two families are alike, our Daniel Island attorney understands no two divorce cases are alike, which is why we approach each family ready to provide legal solutions tailored to fit your needs. During our meetings, we can explore the options available to help you manage your disputes. If you and your spouse agree regarding alimony, property division and child custody, uncontested divorce may be an option for you to explore. On the other hand, if you are unable to agree but are wary of taking your divorce to court, mediation could prove to be a better option.

We Can Guide You Through Your Divorce

At the Shaw Law Firm, LLC, our attorney strives to provide you with divorce options to fit your needs. Our Daniel Island divorce lawyer has successfully resolved cases ranging from legal separation to marital litigation involving child custody disagreements. While we aim to provide you with a quick and easy resolution, we are also prepared to provide aggressive courtroom legal advocacy.

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