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What Happens If I Saved All the Money?

It is not uncommon in a marriage for one spouse to have been the “bread winner” of the family while the other house stayed at home; for example, one spouse may have worked while the other reared the children. This, however, can cause some to fear they will be slighted when it comes time to divide the property and assets during a divorce.

In South Carolina, like most states, property division is guided by equitable distribution laws. Do not be fooled into thinking that these laws require that assets be split 50/50 though. Equitable distribution does not necessarily mean that property will be divided perfectly evenly—it means it will be divided fairly. In certain circumstances, such as if you were the sole income earner and thus saved all of the money while your spouse did not work, you may wish to ask that the judge takes that into consideration when distributing assets to reflect your financial contributions.

You may not agree with what a judge feels is equitable in your case. If you are looking to protect your finances during a divorce, it is in your best interests to hire a skilled Charleston divorce lawyer to look out for your best interests. By getting in touch with the Shaw Law Firm LLC, you can have peace of minding knowing that you will have an attorney in your corner who can work hard to see that you walk away with the property and assets that you truly deserve.

Benefits of Working with a Charleston Divorce Lawyer

Divorce law can be complex—and without having proper legal guidance, it is all too easy for an individual to walk away feeling like they got less than they might deserve or with an unfair agreement. Don’t take that risk. Instead, have a professional look after your rights to not only protect your best interests but keep the process as simple as possible. At the Shaw Law Firm, we are proud to provide skilled legal guidance to clients throughout the divorce process, including the division of property, assets, and even debt. You can trust in our firm to look out for you.

Take the first step in your divorce today by contacting our Charleston family law attorney.

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