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Not all divorces need to involve drawn-out court battles. Collaborative divorce is a way for the parties to come to terms in a respectful manner. Both parties decide, in writing, not to go to court until an agreement has been reached. Unlike the standard litigation system, the divorcing parties agree to voluntarily and freely share all necessary information.

At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, we are trained and experienced in collaborative divorces and can assist you to negotiate with your partner amicable terms to your divorce. Our Charleston lawyers can provide the supportive and astute legal counsel you need to reach a mutually favorable settlement.

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The Collaborate Divorce Process

The purpose of the collaborative process is to provide a legal avenue to help divorcing spouses continue to work together, rather than viewing one another as adversaries. Each spouse retains legal counsel and neutral third-party professionals may be retained to provide input or guidance. The agreement includes a provision that should either party initiate litigation both attorneys must withdraw and new counsel will need to be retained.

Third-party authorities may include the following:

  • Financial specialists
  • Child care specialists
  • Divorce coaches specializing in communication
  • Vocational specialists
  • Business evaluators

Advantages of Collaboration

Besides alleviating the financial and emotional burden of a lengthy court battle, collaborative divorce has many significant advantages. Throughout the settlement process, both spouses are encouraged to engage in creative problem solving, maintain a respectful atmosphere, and set realistic goals.

The benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Retaining control of the process, instead of having terms imposed by a judge
  • Both parties agree, up front, to full disclosure
  • Resolutions are often more expedient and cost-effective
  • More private than family court

Retain a Trained Collaborative Law Attorney!

Collaborative divorces preserve the dignity of your family relationship and eliminate the so-called "winners" and "losers" of a combative court proceeding. It is still a legal process, however, and it is imperative you retain an attorney who has proper training and experience, and with whom you feel comfortable.

Advising you of your legal rights and informing you of the possible consequences of concessions is a vital component of a mutually favorable and amicable settlement.

At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, our team has been specially trained in collaborative law and can provide the knowledgeable and skilled representation you need and deserve throughout the process. We will meet with you first privately to learn the circumstances of your situation and what your desired goals are for resolution.

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