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As a same-sex couple looking to adopt a child, it is important to obtain a proven Charleston same-sex adoption attorney who fully understands your rights and effective ways of achieving favorable results. Making the choice to begin the adoption process can be a thrilling and rewarding life decision that requires thorough preparation and planning.

At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, our compassionate legal team can gather, assist with, and submit various documents throughout the adoption process on your behalf, while keeping you informed of your rights and legal options along the way. We aim to streamline the process from beginning to end, offering dedicated support. Our personalized attention and client-centered approach can help you through this time.

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Preparing for Your Home Study

The point of a home study is to determine if you and your partner can provide a safe, comfortable, and loving environment for a child. While a home study may seem intimidating, it could also be a great chance for you to show your personality as well as ask the adoption agency any questions you have.

During your home study, remember to:

  • Be prepared to answer personal questions
  • Be prepared to answer questions with and without your partner
  • Be prepared for an agency to make a home visit

During a home study, your personal life may be reviewed in-depth. Don't be intimidated by this! You will be asked questions regarding your background, job, financial state, relationship with your partner, and how you would raise your child. But remember, questioning with agencies can be a two-way street. It is a great opportunity to ask questions and retain as much information as possible.

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At Shaw Law Firm, LLC we are passionate about helping you complete your family. In the state of South Carolina, there are no specific laws that prohibit same-sex couples to adopt. However, same-sex couples may have unique concerns when petitioning the family court to adopt. When you come to our firm, we make sure matters are handled promptly and thoroughly, helping you take the best next step. Our Charleston same-sex adoption attorneys work closely with you to ensure a smooth process from beginning to end.

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