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Often, when a couple gets divorced, their biggest concern is for the wellbeing of and rights to their children. Because of the emotional nature of child custody, the process can become complicated with disagreement. Many people look at custody as something you “win” or “lose,” which discourages mediation and compromise. At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, we can help you discern the best course of action when settling custody disputes.

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Things to Think About During Your Dispute

When it comes to custody, the court’s duty is to protect the best interests of the children. That means you can do everything that a parent should and still not gain custody simply because there is an option that better benefits the child.

There are multiple things to keep in mind when in the middle of a custody dispute:

  • Children come first: The court’s primary concern is always the best interests of the children. Many parents get so caught up in their fight for custody that they lose sight of what is most important: what’s best for the children. Fighting between parents is a significant cause of stress for children in families that are divorcing. Whenever possible, you want to minimize the friction between you and your child’s other parent.
  • A custody battle can be costly: Custody disputes can be financially difficult and emotionally challenging. When custody is a disputed issue you will want to prepare yourself for the expense. It’s easy to lose track of your legal bill when you are fighting for your rights to your child. It is imperative to communicate with your attorney about costs upfront. You will want to have a plan for what you can afford and keep track of what you are spending.
  • Custody modifications are challenging: To modify a previous custody order you must prove a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Circumstances frequently arise that will raise the issue of a change of custody in a parent’s mind. Relocation, behavioral issues, and the wishes of older children can all be grounds for a modification of custody or visitation. However, stability is a high priority when it comes to children. Changes in custody will not be ordered unless the court is convinced that, considering all of the relevant factors, a change in custody is best for the children.

Child custody disputes involve many issues, including who the child will live with, visitation schedules, transportation for visitation exchanges, medical and educational decision, extra-curricular activities and so many more. It is best if parents can work together to resolve these issues whenever possible. When you can’t reach an agreement, you will want to involve professionals to help you work through it. Letting a court decide your future is the last resort. Remember, you want to put your child’s needs first.

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