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According to South Carolina law, once a married couple facing divorce determines which of the two will have primary custody of their child or children, child support payments must be determined. After the stress and high emotions involved in child custody issues, it is difficult for most parents to handle negotiating child support on their own.

What is the Income Shares Model?

With the help of our Charleston lawyers, you and your partner can mediate any issues, and we can educate you on your rights and obligations as the obligor (the parent who does not have custody) or the obligee (the parent who has primary custody). The law has determined that the Income Shares Model will determine the amount of child support that each parent pays.

The Income Shares Model states that:

  • Each parent is equally responsible for the financial needs of the child.
  • The child support that each parent pays is dependent on their respective incomes.
  • Modifications may be made when the income of either parent changes
  • Modifications can also be made when state guidelines are adjusted

The payment that is determined initially may not be permanent depending on income changes, unemployment, changing needs of the child, or changes in state regulations. No matter what the scenario of your family law matter may be, if you need to establish or modify a current child support order, contact us today. We will work around the clock to resolve the issue quickly.

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