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The process of divorce can often bring negativity and complications, making it extremely difficult and time-consuming to reach a favorable settlement. You may be worried that these arguments will force you and your spouse to settle matters in a courtroom, where a judge makes decisions instead. However, there are options for you to dissolve your marriage in a peaceful and amicable way, such as divorce mediation.

At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, our compassionate Charleston divorce attorneys can help you achieve favorable results. You and your spouse will discuss matters concerning your divorce and explore various options together before coming to an agreement, all with the guidance of a mediator. This process promotes teamwork and communication between you and your spouse, creating an example for your children.

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What Is Discussed During Mediation?

In a private, sit-down meeting, a mediator will offer valuable insight regarding your specific situation and help you both come to middle ground on multiple family law issues.

Once you and your spouse have come up with an agreement that you both support, you can move forward with finalizing your divorce. Not only does mediation provide a much quicker and more efficient avenue for divorce, but it also benefits both spouses by saving them from expensive fees and stressful litigation.

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Divorce does not have to be stressful or increase resentment between former spouses. Nor does divorce have to end in a costly litigation. By seeking mediation services with the help of our Charleston divorce lawyers, you and your spouse can find mutual ground to take the next step forward in the dissolution of your marriage. At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, we aim to resolve matters in a swift, peaceful manner, taking the legal burden off of your shoulders and allowing you to amicably end your relationship without burning bridges.

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