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Third Party Custody Visitation

Separation and divorce is always a stressful event for a parent concerned about their custody and visitation rights, but Grandparents often have concerns about their rights as well. If you are a grandparent and you feel as if your rights to your grandchildren are not being honored, our Charleston grandparents custody attorneys can provide the representation you need.

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When Can Grandparents File for Visitation or Custody?

In 2014, the grandparent visitation statute was amended to protect grandparent’s rights. The law now makes it much easier for a grandparent to obtain rights to visitation under certain circumstances. Representation is crucial for grandparents in this situation.

Grandparents can file for visitation or custody if:

  • The child’s parents are living separate or if one of them is deceased;
  • The child’s parents unreasonably deprive the grandparent of visits;
  • Visitation wouldn’t interfere with the parent-child relationship; and
  • The court finds the child’s parents are unfit or finds compelling circumstances.

The court’s primary concern is always the child’s best interest. You must demonstrate to the court that visitation or custody with a grandparent will benefit the child.

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