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Divorce can be a challenging time. You likely have a lot on your mind, from how to maintain your finances during this process to determining who will get to keep the marital home. The good news is that you don’t have to navigate this time on your own.

When a divorce is contested, it is extremely important to have a legal representative by your side to ensure your rights are safeguarded throughout the entire process. That is where Shaw Law Firm, LLC comes in. Our Charleston contested divorce lawyers have been helping individuals resolve their legal issues for numerous years, always striving to secure a favorable outcome.

When you retain our firm, you can rest easy knowing:

  • We provide zealous legal advocacy.
  • We give diligent attention to detail.
  • We utilize strategic solutions.
  • We help you set realistic goals.
  • We offer initial consultations

For discerning counsel that you can trust to protect your interests, turn to our firm. We are ready to defend your name and your rights throughout your contested divorce.

The Discovery Process in Contested Divorces

When you and your spouse cannot agree on major issues involved in your marital dissolution, it is considered a contested divorce. You may have disputes over child custody, property division, child support, or other similar issues.

It is important to understand that you need to protect your interests during this time, as matters must be litigated and decided by a court judge. When your future is in the hands of the court, you need a legal advocate who can represent your side of the story in an effective manner.

In these types of divorces, the discovery process can be used to request:

  • Answers to interrogatories, or written questions
  • Production of certain relevant documents
  • Depositions, or testimonies from witnesses

Not only can this process draw out the length of a divorce, but it can also cause more complexities to flood the process. Your spouse may try to manipulate certain information or past events to paint a conflicting picture of you. Then, they could use this false image to secure a better ruling.

After the judge has examined all evidence and arguments, they will then decide on everything from child custody to property division. Overall, you should expect a contested divorce to last much longer than an uncontested divorce. However, you don’t want to rush the process, as it is important to ensure you get a fair ruling. Our firm can help you through it.

Contact our contested divorce attorneys in Charleston if you would like to discuss your case in a secure consultation.

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