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5 Reasons to Go Through Mediation for Divorce

Why You Should Try Divorce Mediation

Getting a divorce can be done without having to take your case to trial in a court. If you’re looking for a peaceful way to negotiate your divorce with your spouse, then mediation may be the right option for you.

What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process that would allow you to settle issues and create an agreement with the help of a professional mediator. A mediator helps resolve disputes and helps solve problems that you and your spouse can’t agree on.

Mediators act as a third party and the process is less stressful and less costly than taking your divorce case to trial. When you go through mediation, you and your spouse are in control of the situation and have the final say of what happens rather than asking a judge to decide for you.

When you go through mediation, it can help you and your spouse work on your communication skills and build trust through the process.

What are the Benefits of Mediation?

Mediation isn’t new, but it is something that is becoming more common as people look for options outside of having to go through the courts for a divorce. There are benefits of using a mediator and we’ve listed them below.

1. Mediation is Less Costly

While divorce attorneys are worth it depending on your situation, mediators can help you avoid some of the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. When cases go to court, there are billing fees that need to be paid to your attorney that accrue by the hour. You would be paying for them to appear in court and pay for litigation. All of these costs add up on top of whatever you and your spouse are able to negotiate in a divorce settlement and other bills or fees.

If you were to choose mediation, the only cost you would need to pay is the mediator’s rate and minimal court costs to file paperwork. Depending on your mediator, you would be billed by the session, and that cost is explained to you before you hire the mediator.

2. Mediation is Less Stressful Than Court

A trained mediator can help you and your spouse communicate effectively to help reduce stress and anxious feelings during negotiations.

You also get a chance to avoid the extra stress of waiting on a judge and your attorney to gather information and make a decision. You and your spouse can peacefully and respectfully make the decisions yourselves and compromise on what you think is best because you don’t have to focus on winning.

3. Mediation is Confidential

One of the downsides of going through court for a divorce is that your personal information and details about your case can possibly become public information and available for your family and friends to find online. Mediation is a private option that keeps the intimate details of your family’s business between you and your spouse.

4. Mediation Can Benefit Your Children

Going the mediation route can help you and your spouse show your kids that you are peacefully transitioning into a co-parenting relationship. Unfortunately, sometimes divorces can get a bit messy, but mediation can give you the opportunity to successfully talk about co-parenting in a drama-free environment.

5. Mediation is a Quicker Process

During a divorce, sometimes there may be things you or your spouse wouldn’t agree with, which would result in one of you contesting your divorce. A contested divorce can drag out the divorce process while you rely on your attorney to negotiate the outcome for you.

Meditation helps forgo some issues like scheduling court dates, presenting evidence, to the court, discovery, and more. Divorce mediation, in some cases, can take as little as a few months depending on how flexible your schedule is.

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