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Child Custody Mediation Checklist

What to Do Before Mediation

Going to court can be a headache and take longer than you may want to resolve issues depending on your case. Lately, people have been seeking other alternatives rather than taking their family law issues to court. This is where meditation comes in.

Mediation is a good alternative for you if you’re looking to solve issues like divorce, child custody, property division, finances, premarital agreements, and more in private with the help of an attorney. Overall mediation is less expensive and time-consuming than court and will allow you and your spouse to agree on big issues.

If you decided to take this route over going to court, then you should take steps to prepare before your initial child custody mediation appointment. Here’s what you can do ahead of mediation.

1. Create a List of Your Interests

You may be under the assumption that a mediator is there to give you legal advice during your case. However, a mediator’s job is to remain impartial and help you come to a resolution about your child custody dispute with your ex. Their goal should be to help you reach a settlement that works for both of you and your children.

A child custody attorney can provide you with the legal assistance and advice you need in order to help you narrow down your interests during your custody case. Your attorney can help you create a parenting plan, negotiate child support, timesharing, explain the different types of custody you can seek, and more.

2. Be Active During the Preparation Process

If you want your case to work in your favor, we suggest that you work as closely as possible with your attorney and mediator and remain hands-on as you prepare for your initial appointment. Actively participate in the process, even if your ex refuses to work with you.

3. Find the Right Attorney and Mediator for You

Hire a competent attorney who will bring in the right mediator for your case. At Shaw Law Firm, LLC, our attorney Heather Shaw is dedicated to helping families resolve issues as peacefully and efficiently as possible. She has the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction as you go through the custody process.

Reach Heather at (843) 256-3499 to schedule a consultation and begin the mediation process.

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