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5 Benefits of Using Mediation for Child Custody Disputes

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Divorce is a challenging subject to deal with within families, especially if children are in the picture. The last thing we want is to upset our kids during the process of separation. You might be asking yourself, what can I do to ensure that my children have a positive custody experience? Well, there is one tactic that can help your approach: mediation.

Mediation involves a third-party individual that is not associated with either parent. Typically, family law attorneys serve as mediators. They help the parents come up with solutions to complex custody problems while remaining objective.

We here at Shaw Law Firm, LLC want you to know all of the benefits of utilizing mediation during child custody disputes. Mediation provides benefits to your children and gives you as a parent crucial communication skills for successful co-parenting. Keep reading to find out all of the benefits of mediation for child custody disputes.

1. Puts The Child First

When you choose mediation over arguments or litigation, you are putting your child first. A third-party mediator assists in keeping the focus on what is most important: the kids. Furthermore, a child has a positive experience when seeing their parents able to communicate effectively. Bitter disputes are traumatizing to children, teaching them that divorce is inherently a harmful process.

Put your child first if you are considering divorce. Even if you do not get along with your ex-spouse, a mediator can help you regain your focus on the rest of your family. The experience should be as stress-free as possible.

2. You Are In More Control

When choosing mediation over other child custody dispute tactics, you have more say in the matter. Each family is unique and has different traditions and practices. When utilizing a third-party mediator, your family’s needs are taken into account. Think about any special holidays, events, or activities that your family takes part in. When meditating, you can bring all of these to the table, finding what works best for you and your family.

This is not to say that traditional litigation tactics do not work. However, a judge does not necessarily take into account each unique family circumstance. They must act in the best interests of the children involved. A third-party mediator has more ability to sit down with you and understand your circumstances.

3. More Likely To Follow Through

Sometimes in traditional litigation, one party leaves feeling unsatisfied. Maybe their requests were pushed to the side by the judge. Whatever the reason for their feelings, the parent may feel the need to challenge litigation to get what they want. This is not only time-consuming but can further stress out your children.

However, in mediation, both parties can feel involved in the decision-making process. If both parents feel good about their chosen plan, they will be more likely to follow through and succeed. By working together to reach a plan, parents can leave mediation less likely to engage in future conflicts.

4. Gaining Co-Parenting Skills

In traditional litigation, sometimes it is just both parents fighting against the other. As mentioned before, divorce is challenging for the whole family. Emotions can get the best of those involved, contributing to heightening tensions. These tensions can severely impact children involved, teaching them negative communication habits.

Yet, a mediator can help navigate these tensions, imparting positive co-parenting and communication skills. When children are involved, the parents will inevitably be a part of each other’s lives. Meditation teaches parents the best techniques for effective communication, such as listening and flexibility. These parenting skills are needed for child custody disputes and the remainder of the divorce.

5. Save Money & Contact Shaw Law Firm, LLC Today

If you feel as though you need assistance in the child custody process, contact us at Shaw Law Firm, LLC for divorce mediation! We can help you and your family meet your goals and maintain a positive relationship. Not to mention, you can save money by choosing a third-party mediator over lengthy, arduous litigation.

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